Who am I?

My name is Ives van Hoorne. I'm {{main.ageyears}} years, {{main.agemonths}} months and {{main.ageseconds}} seconds old and live in Enschede, The Netherlands. I'm an ambitious developer, passionate about new technology and its capabilities. I am inspired by fast-growing companies and hope to become the lead of one in the future.


Ives van Hoorne
Enschede, The Netherlands


I love development and design. I'm most comfortable with front-end technologies like React and Redux, but I have also done a lot of work in back-end technologies like Rails. I'm a big fan of functional programming.

Coding Skills

Programming Languages

Javascript (ES6)

Backend Technologies

Ruby on Rails

Frontend Technologies

React Native
AngularJS 1


Graphic Tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro

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Dutch Nederlands is mijn moedertaal.
English I am highly proficient in English.
German Ich spreche Deutsch in der Schule.
French Je parle un petit peu de Français.


I'm trying to learn and gain as much experience as possible each year.


Catawiki is an auction website focused on selling only exceptional items. We are the fastest growing tech company of the world with a 45.080% growth over the past four years, our site is visited by more than 12 million users each month. I'm responsible for the implementation of a technology called React for different parts of the website, including the auction and lot pages.

I first started working at Team6 in 2011 and after that I have worked there several times in the holidays. I started out as game-tester. After some time I became their Graphic Artist for video; I began making their trailers and commercials. Team6 has been a great learning experience for me, I have learned to work in a group cooperating with different people for an executive at a professional company.


Ives is one of the few, unique individuals with a true entrepreneur spirit: He is not afraid of working real hard to realize his big dreams. From very early age Ives started building his career, and never stopped since then. Ives is known as someone who picks up things real quick, takes good initiative, isn't afraid to do what is necessary and from whom you'll know he will always deliver his best work.

Ronnie Nelis - CEO Team6


After high school I took a gap year to work for Catawiki and to travel. The gap year has passed and I now work part time for Catawiki while studying for my bachelor in Technical Computer Science. Technical Computer Science is a kind of Computer Science with a strong attention for math.

This is a high school for pre-university training in Assen, The Netherlands. I took technological and biological courses with a special subject called Research & Development that allowed me to do projects for commercial enterprises. Some projects listed here were also done in Research & Development.


In March I started travelling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. I met an incredible amount of people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints, and I made a lot of friends. This has been one of my most educating experiences yet, I learned to be more independent, calm and flexible.

During my backpacking experience I did a week of volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park. I did different chores like feeding the elephants, washing the elephants, cleaning the park, clearing corn fields and much more. It was an incredible experience and I would certainly recommend everyone to do this! Elephant Nature Park saves tortured elephants from tourism in Thailand and they could use all the help they can get!


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My most recent work is in development, I have done web development and game development (which I both love to do). My older work is in video editing, which I did a lot for Team6.


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